Merchant Account Services

Spectrum Pay provides international e-Merchants with tailored internet acquiring solutions from our Partners for any particular need. Meeting individual requirements of every Client is a desirable challenge to us. 

We arrange multiple offers of different acquirers and other service providers, so that our Client is always free to choose the most suitable solution or even combination thereof. 

Moreover, our company is providing assistance at all the stages of the merchant account opening process, as well as during further daily trading. If there are any queries, we will be there to help you.

Simple application process 

STEP 1 Complete an e-Merchant Application form. In response, we will provide you with the most advantageous solution for internet acquiring services.

STEP 2 Submit all the necessary documentation and information.

STEP 3 Sign forms and agreements.

STEP 4 Accomplish payment gateway technical integrationand begin accepting online card payments on your website!
We will be happy to guide you through the process and will ensure full support on every single step!  



Merchant Account Form

We care about your business

Understanding needs of our Clients and their businesses come from experience, thorough analysis of each case and comprehensive approach. We are sure that lower merchant discount rate is only a natural part of the proficient solution. But not the only one.

That is why our offer on the internet acquiring services will always ensure that you get:

unbeatable merchant discount rates and overall costs

transparent and rapid underwriting procedure

next business day settlement to your current bank account

minimum guarantee amount withheld

no inactivity fees

opportunity to split trading volumes between various acquirers

multi-currency processing

individual e-Commerce manager for each e-Merchant

all necessary support on payment acceptance matters
We are a solution-oriented company, because we know that business needs real working solutions, not just an advice on how it should work.